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Cornish Pasty Co. brings the traditional pasty of Cornwall, England to the tables of many. A pass-tee, as it's pronounced, is a baked pastry, traditionally filled with steak, onion, rutabaga and potato, and are referred to as Oggies (rhymes with doggies). But at Cornish Pasty Co. you'll find variety is the spice of life. In addition to the traditional Oggies, the pasties come stuffed with everything from pork with apple to salmon with asparagus and even chicken tikka masala. The bangers and mash, bursting with homemade sage and pork sausage, mashed potatoes, and grilled onions, is one of the most popular choices. There's a nice selection of vegetarian options such as the Balsamic Portobello. The huge hearty fare comes with red wine gravy on the side for dipping but the rich flavors of the pasties stand alone nicely. It's Cornish comfort food, savory and satisfying, with a flaky, potpie crust pinched in the middle so that it forms a distinctive, squiggly seam.

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