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Choose your business listing category which suitable on your business then add your business on that category and start gaining local traffic and improve your website or business ranking in local search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.   Business category is one of the important part while creating business listing for your business because it's showing whats your business theme and what you market your are targeting. Google also mentioned that in his guidelines that we should always do niche submission (submission in are targeted market) because it's help us to boost SEO and improve our search engines ranking. 


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You can find local business by choose particular location like best dentist in India, Best House Cleaner in London, Best Plumber in USA and much more. In Find Me Top you can add any kind of business and you don't need wait for 2-3 working days for your business listing approval, we take only some minutes or we will approve your business instantly. After creating your business profile in Find Me Top your business profile automatically showing in one of below mentioned country which you have chosen while creating your business profile in Find Me Top.